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Investment Flips

House Flippers ofHGTV

It might look easy;spend 30 minutes talking to a realtor,walk through 3-4 homes, then pick the one for you.  After that, it’s a simple matter of completing the renovations and rushing your flip home to market for sale while counting your sizable profits.  The reality; these shows are not about reality.

Are you an experienced investment flipper, or have you just recently completed a flipper bootcamp weekend?  Maybe you already attempted your first flip and you found you could have made more money by simply clipping coupons at home?

Knowing the reality of budgets, identifying the best locations for immediate appreciation, neighborhood trends, building defects and design complications, all require a professional approach when deciding to invest in a property to flip.

We all want that perfect house at that perfect price.  The foremost issue… where are those homes, and how do you prevent yourself from financially overextending?

Bob personally invests in houses to renovates and sells (flips), as well as single family homes he permanently keeps for rental income.

He applies the same investing principles he uses for properties when assisting his clients in finding the perfect investment property. Bob provides his clients with thorough financial analysis to determine the “true”value and potential of a potential renovated property under consideration.  He is also able to provide the assistance of designers, engineers, and contractors to address design problems and create updated styles and spaces that will command the highest return on investment.

Robert Melikian of Engel & Völkers – Scottsdale is the real estate professional in the Valley that will create an investment strategy who will ensure your profit is earned on a flip, “before the work even begins”.